Bethel Reformed Church was established in 1936 when families from nearby Morrison moved to the Sterling area to find work in the thriving steel industry.  They came from Reformed churches in the Morrison area and felt a need to have a local congregation in Sterling.  The members of the church built their first building themselves and is still used as a residence on 2nd Ave.  The present building was built in 1978 and a Community Room and kitchen were added in 2005.  We love to host community events and also host the local precinct for elections.
Bethel is part of the Reformed Church in America, and you can learn about this historic denomination at  We believe the tenets of the historic Christian faith, and see the scripture as our rule for faith and life.  God loves us, and sent his only son, our Savior Jesus Christ, to take our sin and guilt upon himself so we may have a relationship with God eternally.  Our church is Reformed.  Our roots go back to the Protestant Reformation, but we are constantly being re-formed by God's Word.